Practice Areas

The practice areas of Farinon, Carvalho da Silva & AdvogadosAssociados are divided in to:

Maritime Law

Legal advice and assistance to shipowners, charterers, P&I Clubs, salvage companies, shipping agencies, port operators, import and export companies, and all other segments of the Shipping industry in matters pertaining to:

- Marine Casualties;

- Marine Salvage and Assistance;

- Port Captaincy and Federal Police inquiries;

- Maritime Court;

- Cargo Claims (Shortages and Damages);

- Freight and Demurrage Collections;

- Contracts;

- Ship Arrests and Releases;

- Maritime Protests;

- Marine Insurances;

- Port-Related Matters;

- Customs Regulations and Procedures;

- Import and Export Issues.

Environmental Law

Legal advice, counsel and representation in indemnity suits and public civil actions arising out of environmental issues.

- Administrative Defences (Brazilian Institute for the Environment and Natural Renewable Resources – IBAMA and State and Municipal Environmental Agencies) in proceedings related to marine pollution by oil or other harmful substances carried by sea or land.

- Representation in administrative Inquiries and hearings.

Civil and Commercial Law

Legal assistance in and out of Court in matters related to:

- Corporate Law

- Contract Law

- Collections and Enforcements

- Indemnities

- Insurance

Tax and Customs Law

Court representation in Tax and Customs matters.

- Defence in Administrative Proceedings commenced by government agencies;

- Recovery of undue tax and non-tax payments.

Port Labour Law

- Labour Claims.

- Personal Injury claims.

- Defence in Administrative Proceedings commenced by Regional Labour Bureaus and the Labour Public Prosecution Service.