Direito Marítimo

Defesa dos interesses de armadores, afretadores, Clubes de P&I, empresas de salvamento marítimo, agências marítimas, operadores portuários, empresas importadoras e exportadoras e demais segmentos do comércio marítimo em assuntos relativos a:

- Fatos e acidentes da navegação;

- Assistência e salvamento marítimo;

- Inquéritos na Capitania dos Portos e Polícia Federal;

- Tribunal Marítimo;

- Faltas e avarias de cargas;

- Cobrança de fretes e demurrage;

- Contratos;

- Arrestos;

- Ratificação de protestos marítimos;

- Seguros marítimos;

- Questões portuárias;

- Regulamento aduaneiro;

- Importação e exportação.


What the team is known for Well-regarded team operating from Porto Alegre which enjoys superb recognition for its advice on a wide variety of shipping matters. Particularly active in assisting clients with major accidents and related insurance claims.

Ruy Fernando Carvalho da Silva is highly respected for his maritime legal advice. He is experienced in wet and dry work and is described by market sources as "excellent."

Roberto Farinon enjoys widespread recognition for his long-standing experience advising on complex shipping matters, emergency response mechanisms, civil actions and liability cases. Market commentators remark that he stands out for his "competence" and "diligence."

José Augusto Mendes Marques regularly assists clients with a variety of shipping issues. Marques is described by interviewees as a "good professional who deserves recognition" for his practice in this field.

Basic facts about the department

- 5 partners
- 3 other qualified lawyers

What the team is known for Distinguished Porto Alegre-based team known for its strong capabilities assisting clients with a broad range of shipping litigation related to accidents and insurance claims. Notable experience providing counsel on contractual and regulatory related to this sector.

Strengths Peers comment: "It is a regional firm based in Rio Grande do Sul which offers clients great legal knowledge of shipping issues."

Farinon, Carvalho da Silva & Advogados Associados’ Roberto Porto Farinon has a broad shipping and maritime practice specializing in contracts, accidents, foreclosures, insurance, maritime court, port issues and customs regulation.

Shipping boutique Farinon, Carvalho da Silva & Advogados Associados regularly acts on salvage operations of ships which have run aground and on other accidents. It advised Gard AS on the investigation into the spill into the sea of 2,500 litres of crude oil due to an accident caused by a storm. Founding partners Roberto Porto Farinon and Ruy Fernando Carvalho da Silva are recommended along with ‘great negotiator’ José Augusto Mendes Marques.


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