Escritório jurídico que atua, desde 1972, nas áreas de direito comercial, civil, tributário e trabalhista. Além da atuação nas principais áreas da advocacia, o escritório se dedica tradicionalmente à assistência legal na área de Direito Marítimo, Direito Ambiental e Comércio Exterior. Nesse âmbito de serviços jurídicos, o escritório está apto a defender os interesses de armadores, afretadores, clubes de P&I, empresas de salvamento marítimo, agências marítimas, operadores portuários, empresas exportadoras e importadoras e demais segmentos do comércio marítimo.

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Áreas de Atuação

Direito Marítimo

Defesa dos interesses de armadores, afretadores, Clubes de P&I, empresas…

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Direito Ambiental

Assistência jurídica em ações de indenização e ações civis públicas decorrentes de dano ambiental…

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Direito Civil e Comercial

Assistência jurídica extrajudicial e judicial em questões relacionadas a: Direito de empresa…

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Direito Aduaneiro e Tributário

Patrocínio de ações judiciais em matéria aduaneira e tributária. Defesas…

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Direito do Trabalho Portuário

Contencioso trabalhista, ações acidentárias, defesas administrativas…

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What the team is known for
Highly regarded Porto Alegre-based firm with particular experience representing clients in litigation mandates arising from accidents and insurance claims relating to vessel collisions. Also able to deal with non-contentious mandates, with strong capabilities in regulatory, compliance and dry shipping matters, including contractual advice. Team represents a diverse client roster comprising ship owners, charterers and P&I clubs, as well as salvage companies and shipping agencies.

Notable practitioners

Partner José Augusto Mendes Marques continues to be a well-regarded name in the industry for his large amount of experience handling cases arising from accidents, including those involving casualties. He has additional capability advising on ship salvaging mandates, P&I matters and cargo loss, as well as vessel arrests and releases.

Respected founding partner Roberto Farinon maintains a solid level of recognition in the industry for his ample track record handling shipping accidents resulting in environmental disputes, including pollution issues and oil spills from vessels, with additional capability dealing with salvage operations. Farinon also has a vast amount of experience assisting shipping companies with port and terminal-related matters, as well as import and export mandates.

Well-regarded co-founding partner Ruy Fernando Carvalho da Silva continues to be recognised for his extensive knowledge of the shipping industry, with one source saying: "He has a lot of experience in this area." He is well versed in handling port and terminal-related issues, with additional expertise in litigation matters, including insurance and subrogation claims.

Farinon, Carvalho da Silva & Advogados Associados' 'knowledge of the ins and outs of the shipping industry is second to none'. It has an excellent track record in shipping and maritime law, having been a mainstay of the market since the early 1970s. The Porto Alegre-based firm is largely focused on admiralty law, including salvage and pollution matters; the firm is notably strong in environmental law. Marine insurance claims and charterparty and bill of lading disputes are also areas of strength. The firm's lead partners are all key figures in the market. Founding partners Roberto Farinon and Ruy Fernando Carvalho da Silva retain active practices, with fellow partner José Augusto Mendes Marques especially focused on marine casualties and P&I matters.

Practice head(s):
Roberto Farinon; José Augusto Mendes Marques;

‘Multidisciplinary team, with training in sea, port and customs law. We often use the firm’s assistance with regard to cases involving protection coverage and indemnification (R&I).’

‘We have no need to look anywhere else than Farinon. Their knowledge of the ins and outs of the shipping industry is second to none. It seems there is no area of the industry that they cannot excel in.’

‘This law firm has built a reputation in Brazil for expert, trusted legal advice on all aspects of shipping law and their commitment and personal approach to each client’s specific needs are highly appreciated by our company. Although it is a “boutique” law firm, they have been able to effectively handle a variety of matters to our company and meet all our legal needs as our business evolved, such as shipping, commercial, labour and tax matters.’

‘José Augusto Mendes Marques is an exceptional lawyer. His advice is always succinct and on point. In matters of litigation, José has the ability to read the landscape and predict the direction his opposition will take. José always gets the desired result.’

‘Roberto Farinon is perhaps one of Brazil’s most admired lawyers in the shipping sector and is known for his in-depth knowledge in Maritime Law. Ruy Fernando Carvalho da Silva is also an experienced and well-respected lawyer in the market for his litigation skills and deep expertise in shipping, civil and contractual matters.’

What the team is known for
Farinon, Carvalho da Silva & Advogados Associados is a Porto Alegre-based firm with experience assisting a diverse client roster comprising ship owners, charterers and P&I clubs with both contentious and non-contentious mandates. The team handles litigation arising from accidents and insurance claims relating to vessel collisions, with additional capabilities advising on regulatory, compliance and contractual matters.

Notable practitioners
Roberto Farinon possesses extensive expertise advising clients on a variety of dry and wet shipping mandates, with market commentators highlighting in particular his longstanding presence in the sector. He is knowledgeable about port and maritime law, boasting additional capabilities assisting clients with environmental and customs issues.

Porto Alegre-based co-founding partner Ruy Fernando Carvalho da Silva maintains a broad experience handling a range of maritime law mandates, including those arising from port and terminal issues. He boasts additional expertise assisting clients with litigations relating to insurance and subrogation claims.


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